John Rose

Motion Graphics & VFX

Working with and developing stories and effects for commercial and private projects. Some of these videos show just the production process, where I was involved. Many of these are under NDAs so I cannot name the projects, but the process can be seen. I assist with storyboards and develop conceptual imagery that tells a story.

Hellion in studio

3D Modeling

Working with accurate and scale-based model methods for games, AR or high-rez film files, I can build, texture and animate a wide range of items. I have build vehicles, characters and environments for; rendering animation, and game engines (Unity, Unreal). Most models are texture-mapped (Photoshop or Substance Painter) and often "rigged" for functionality. Models are build with details such as perforated plastic lens, bolt heads and screw heads to mimic reality. Scenes are often optimized for the media format and variations are created for look development when presenting to the customer.


I love to shoot pictures. These are just a small collection of some of my favorites. I also use photography for reference material and textures.


My experience with design has been very satisfying and I was fortunate enough to meet some great clients. I enjoy taking client ideas and running with it to develop logos and artwork that exceeds their expectations. And for the most part, I have done just that. From party invitations to stationary to event posters and more, I can provide a full-service product (concept to print).