At Jonny Nitro Studios, we are working for you at Full Throttle. That means we treat your project as an essential elements within our assembly and drive forward all the best methods and ideas to capture your demographic audience for maximum exposure.

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Our team

Jonny Nitro


Jon is the creative genius at JNS with 20 years in the industry. His influence in the creative space is second to none. His mind is flush with the creativity that opens doors to new costumers in ways you have never imagined. Bring him your most challenging projects and watch his mind work.

Peggy Berlin

Lead Designer

Peggy is a master of typography and fine copy editing. Her expertise in color theory is next level. With a simple phrase or statement, Peggy can develop the most amazing graphics and layouts you have ever seen. She also loves cats.

Maria Alberts

Videographer/ Photo

Don’t let her gentile appearance fool you. Ashung is an aggressive photographer and video master with the skills to capture your product in action and tell a great story. With her stunning images your products will capture the customers beyond your target audience and grow the brand exponentially.

Why Us?

Award Winning Content

From professional photography that captures the essence of your brand to aerial drone footage that shows your product in action, we offer you the best quality at a reasonable price point.

15 Years of Experience

We work with you to develop the most cost-effective process to bring your new idea to market. From concepts sketches to final 3D rendered images, we give you all the tools you need to sell your idea to investors and production teams.

Product Development

Let us help you build your brand. The team efforts we can offer will save time and money by creating professional layouts and designs for all of your marketing needs. Assets can be developed for a wide range or marketing materials and social media with a variation of still images and motion graphic animations.

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1 Gibfield Park Ave Atherton Manchester M46 0SU